Performance Skills Workshops

Performance Skills Workshops

Fundamentals of Project Management

This workshop provides an introduction to Project Management for Manager who find themselves managing multiple initiatives at the same time. Most managers feel overwhelmed with the many moving parts of any given project. The workshop will help them understand how to build a Project Plan, assess the project risk, engage the project team and manage communication in order to execute a project from start to finish

Manager versus Leaders Group Coaching

This workshop is based on the understanding that Leadership and Management are two distinct disciplines that require different skills and mind sets. This workshop is based on the work Abraham Zaleznik in his article in the Harvard Business Review entitled, “Managers and Leaders; Are they different?.”

Goal Setting & Alignment for Leaders

In order to establish a performance oriented organizational culture, it is important to teach the team how to establish SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound). Once these goals are established, the organization should align its goals so that each individual in the organization knows how he or she is contributing to the organization. This workshop helps leaders understand the fundamentals of effective goal setting and a method for organizational goal alignment.

Meeting Facilitation

Teams use meetings as a medium to solve problems and drive decisions. However, most meetings in the workplace are not results focused and subsequently cost companies a lot of time and money. This workshop teaches techniques and tools to make meetings more results focused.