Performance Management

Yousuf helps leaders shift their focus from day-to-day firefighting to Strategic Leadership. A big component of that shift involves the implementation of a Performance Management Process that enables the leaders of the organization focus to on the right goals at the right level.

Performance Management is more of an art than a science. Every organization establishes its own explicit and implicit criteria. It is due to the subjectivity of an organization’s ideas on Performance Management that Performance Management Programs should be customized based on the context of the organization. The GAW approach incorporates Performance Management principles with those of Adult Education and Performance Coaching to create a customized program for specific requirements and results.

The Discovery Process

This is the first phase of the Growth at Work program and it consists of the following activities:

  • Yousuf will work with a Governance Team (Core Group of Leaders) to establish the Core Values for performance management
    • For example, we value and reward:
      • Passion about the core business of the organization
      • Innovation
      • Loyalty
      • Efficiency
      • Goal oriented mindset

The Discovery phase is followed by the implementation phase which entails the following activities:

  • Yousuf will work with each department’s leader to formulate department specific criteria for performance management. The key ideas behind this approach is:
    • Although most organizations have general performance criteria, the managers who conduct the reviews evaluate their direct reports based on the managers’ own subjective views on performance.
    • One of the main indicators of employee satisfaction is the employees’ trust in his manager and the employee’s perception that the organization and his boss are “fair”.
    • The more transparent the managers of an organization are about the way they reward performance, the clearer the employees will be about what areas they need to work on
  • In addition to the department specific performance criteria, Yousuf will work with each leader to develop individual goals for members of their department
  • If required, Yousuf will facilitate sessions to define the Performance Management Process for the organization
  • If needed, Yousuf will work with the Governance Team to select Performance Management Software and support its rollout
  • Once the Core Values, Department Specific Performance Criteria and Employee specific goals have been identified, a learning curriculum will be formulated in conjunction with the governance team
    • Examples of workshop topics may include:
      • Project Management
      • Management versus Leadership
      • Fundamentals of Management
      • Goal Setting
      • Data and Physical Organization
      • Time Management
  • Each workshop will be conducted in a group-coaching format. There will be a short presentation on the topic followed by a discussion that identifies and validates assumptions and challenges conclusions.
  • Each workshop will include a hands on exercise focused on real life work scenarios that are meaningful to the participants
  • One on one coaching will be offered to participants in the program that need help with specific issues related to the management of their performance

Subsequent Phases

The subsequent phases of the GAW approach include Measurement and Reassessment.

  • The Measurement phase consists of tracking metrics or Key Performance Indicators that serve as success criteria for the Performance Management Initiative
  • The Reassessment phase entails learning from the roll out and coming up with initiatives to make the Performance Management program even more meaningful and effective.


The general estimate for the Discovery and Implementation phases is four months. A more educated estimate can be established when more details are available about the nature of the Performance Management requirements of an organization.