Leadership Effectiveness

Below are some areas that I focus on to help leaders shift their focus from day-to-day crisis management to Strategic Leadership :

  • Strengthen Your Mastermind
    • A Mastermind is a group of trusted confidantes on your team that share your vision.
    • Most leaders hit a point in their career where they cannot fulfill their vision alone. The Mastermind helps to leverage other peoples’ ideas, support and energy to fulfill the leaders’ vision.
  • Increase Accountability
    • Set a direction for your people by setting organizational goals
      • Identify and develop strategic, tactical and performer layers in your organization
      • Set goals for the strategic layer
    • Insure that each person in your organization has a set of goals
      • Insure that the strategic layer is setting goals for the tactical layer and the tactical layer for the performers
    • Get “buy in” on the goals
      • Measure and Reassess the goals
      • Agree on consequences and rewards
  • Sharpen your leadership skills
    • Coaching
    • Mentoring
    • Delegating
    • Goal Setting
  • Create a performance oriented culture
    • Insure that the each layer understands its goals and how to achieve them

Here are some other areas that I focus on with clients who are leaders:

  • How to navigate through complex political environments
  • How to manage your boss
  • How to manage a difficult employee
  • How to launch another venture while keeping tabs on your primary business