Career Passion Program

* Do you know deep down in your heart that you would be happier in another career path but don’t know where to start?

* Is your current job draining your creative energy and you want to feel stimulated and energized again?

* Do you feel that you are constantly distracted by events that keep you from being laser focused on achieving the career path that you want?

* Do you want to explore your options in a practical and systematic way while assessing and reducing the risk that you have to take to get to you career goal?

* Do you want to know what other like-minded people in your situation are thinking and doing about following their career passion?

Well, there is a way that you can address all these questions by attending my group-coaching program called Career Passion.

If you are like a lot of people who are approaching mid career, you are interested in finding meaningful work that fits your personality, lifestyle and passion, but you are worried that you:

  • Have not specifically identified what you want to do
  • Cannot take the risks involved
  • Are not sure where to start your discovery process
  • Feel stagnated in your quest

The Career Passion program design and content is based on my experience and learning on my journey to finding a career and lifestyle that I love coupled with my experience in helping people discover a career path that is more fulfilling.

The Career Passion program will enable you to:

  • Navigate through your discovery process in a systematic way that will help you understand your own situation.
  • Devise a customized action plan based on your situation and what you want to achieve.
  • Avoid the unnecessary trial and error that many people go through in finding their career passion.

The Career Passion program will help you:

  • Refine your objective
  • Assess your risk associated with the change
  • Brand yourself for your new career
  • Tap your existing network
  • Create a strong support system
  • Create an action plan

There are two ways to access the Career Passion program:

  • In-person
    • 4 week program
    • Sessions will take place once a week on Saturday or Sunday mornings
      • 9:30-12:30am EST
    • The program will be offered in two locations:
      • Lake Success, New York (On long Island – 26 miles from downtown New York City)
      • New York City (location TBD)
  • Online
    • 6 week program
    • Sessions will take place once a week on Saturday or Sunday mornings
      • 10:00-12:00am EST
    • This program is offered via videoconference. Participants will be able to access group coaching from the comforts of their homes using a computer.


The investment for the in-person and online programs is $995 per person.

If you want to take giant strides toward a career that will energize you and tremendously enhance your quality of life, register for this program.

To Register or find out more about  The Career Passion Program, email Yousuf  at or call him at (516)672-0166.