Job Seeker: Show Me the Money

The salary discussion for a job seeker can be nerve racking, but if you wait until the employer offers, you may be feel the hurt in your wallet. The interviewer may know the starting rate of a person in your industry and doesn’t know the current salaries for someone with your experience or expertise. Once the price has been stated, however, it can be difficult to restart the compensation conversation.

Before one starts the salary conversation, the savvy job seeker will have already done their homework on what the going rate is for someone in their position. Salaries may have changed with the resent economy, so it’s important to go with a resent 2010 study, such as the ones you find at

It’s important to feel strong and confident while stating your future salary If you don’t feel confident while stating it, why would anyone feel compelled to pay it? In order to feel confident, consider the following:

  • How will the income meet my expenses? You can demand a dollar amount, but if you don’t consider your expenses while coming up with an amount, you are setting yourself up to fail.
  • When I come home after a hard day’s work, what income will make me feel secure about my future and make the hard day worth it?
  • Which strengths that you bring to the position make you hard to replace?

Most people focus on a dollar figure without understanding why the dollar figure makes sense for them. If you want to think through your next compensation negotiation in a meaningful way, give me a call and we can have a free laser coaching session.

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