Trusting The Coach

trustRecently, a potential client asked me a great question. How do I know I can trust you? The client works for a financial institution that is extremely particular about what information it shares with the public. I answered the question intuitively. I told him that legally, all we can do is sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We agreed that most of the time, that agreement is nothing but a piece of paper.  I told him that it is not in my best interest to share information about clients with other people. What I do is based fundamentally on trust. If I violate a client’s trust by divulging information to another client or anyone else for that matter, I risk losing my client. I also risk taking on a reputation for violating peoples’ trust. The person who I divulge the information to will think twice in the future before telling me anything that is even remotely sensitive in nature. Other than the fact that I had my reputation to lose, I could not come up with any other reason for my potential client to trust me from the get go. So, I simply said to him that we would have to see after we start work together if we have the ability to establish a trusting relationship.

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