The Sweetspot

finding the sweetspot

finding the sweetspot

In my career as a consultant, I have come across people who are so good at what they do that I could not imagine them doing anything else. All the variables of the “sweetspot” are apparent with these types of people. The content of the work is interesting to them. The people that they are surrounded with appreciate their personality. Their personal and financial needs are met through the job. Their bosses appreciate their work and reward them regularly. In many cases, these people were not always in their sweetspots. They had been in work situations where they failed miserable and hated their jobs. It is through observing these people that feeds my confidence in the notion that there is a sweetspot for most people. Finding this sweetspot is not only gratifying, often, it enhances one’s quality of life in invaluable ways.


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  1. Cheema says:

    Great Blog! Your help so far has been great.

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