Leaders who are too good at many functions in the company can stagnate the people that they lead

Leaders of small to medium sized companies are often better at performing almost all of the functions in their company than their employees. Many times, this is due to the fact that the leader has more “skin in the game” than anyone who works for him or her.  Furthermore, they often expect the people that they hire to carry out the functions to be just like them in terms of process and thinking.  This leads to increased dissatisfaction and frustration of the leaders with their employees.

Often, this dynamic leads to employees being in a constant state of awe of the leader and  adopting a belief that they will never be as proficient as the leader in carrying out their functions in the company. Of course, this scenario leads to a situation where there is a stagnation in the leaders ability to lead and the employees’ ability to do their job better than the leader can.

In order to address the stagnant situation, much reflection and realization is required on both sides, the leader and the employees. However, the initiation to break the stalemate must come from the leader.

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